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I confess that my enthusiasm on the facile access to information via internet decreased quite fast.
Despite the positive evolution of my WWW search skills, too much time spent to select the really valuable information determined my cautious attitude regarding finding information online. 
The best part of my lack of enthusiasm is that I became faithful reader of few websites, blogs and social pages that offer me the satisfaction of finding quality information, especially concerning the educational issues of nowadays.
I can guess that  it is not a simple coincidence that the website which I reccomend here today is the online platform of  The George Lucas Educational Foundation.
I find there many resources, but also opinions on the most challenging issues of contemporary education. By reading the posts of Edutopia people, I understood something that shaked me deeply: all, i mean ALL the problems that we use to blame or to recall when we discuss the causes of the increased failures of education - from the individual level to the one of whole system- all these are UNIVERSAL. No system, no country, no school - private or state financed, from poor or rich communities- no one is totally exempt of these common issues.
I invite you to enter there and maybe you will understand why this is my first choice when I am asked to recommend educational on-line resources:

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