Social network people - III- The internet language

Texting with acronyms and abbreviations... Yes or No?
That is the question!
Of course, NOT! -this is the opinion of many educators and parents , concerned about the risk of possible alteration of communication skills  .
Well, dear language lovers, do you really think your opposition counts?
The language- any language- is a vivid asset of humanity, so it will evolve in spite the will of the ”pure language” defenders.
Every time a new language trend appeares, there are people that criticize and reject that, blaming the others that adhere to the new ideas and naming ”barbarism” any new insertion into the world of communication. And this is one of the reasons of the distance between different generations, if you ask me.
Just think. All the kids use the new language. They need to communicate fast, because they are texting during their walk, during traveling by bus, during classes, during homework- and most of the time they have at least two persons at once engaged into this sort of conversations . They must solve everything fast!
And I have news for you: the corporatists found very fast the advantages of this system and they use it !
Now, my dear responsibe adults... let's make two lists about  the use of internet language :
1) threads :
-the alteration of "normal" communication skills (possible but not compulsory);
2) strenghts:
-facilitation of faster operational communication;
-improvement of eemotional expression of ideas in written communication (we LOOOVE emoticons, don't we?...);
-forcing your kids (your own kids or your pupils) to give up at internet language would push them either to use it anyway and to have a permanent conflict with you , or to be seen by their peers as "that weird kid"
-above all, if we start to use this language, maybe our kids will think that we want to be "cool", "trendy", or we just want to interfere into their secret life; maybe they will LOL when we will start asking them what a is the meaning of some abbreviation or maybe they will answer: "Mom, believe me, you DON'T want to know! LOL!" ; MAYBE! but trust me, they will have the feeling that you are living into the same era with them and MAYBE they will feel you closer and they will secretly admire you a little more.
Well, what do you think? Is it or is it not useful for you to start using this language? Today, tomorrow? Yes, No, Maybe?
I choosed randomly via internet a page that could help you, click this link .
TYVM 4 reading, BBS!

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