New trends in education : I. Coder or user?

Seems that many educational systems tend to emphasize the importance of coding among the must-have-s of contemporary curricula.
Following this trend, parents, uncles, big brothers, teachers, IT fans and even innocent grand-parents start to learn for themselves and- of course- to push the youngsters to learn coding , sometimes before they pass their potty training! Everybody learns coding!
For me too, it was very interesting to code... in Basic of course... years ago. But ...
But... when finally I was able to have my own personal computer, I realized that I have no idea how to edit a Word file.
But... in fast-forward mode, the world of IT moved to 3.0, 4.0,  ... 6.0...
I observed that too many youngsters (but not only) learn coding  but they are not aware of what a product of their work should look like, to be useful.
It is OK for me that people learn the code language, it is OK that more and more people know how these magic boxes work...
But...I'm  just asking:
Is it coding the best first choice when we target computer literacy?
What would be the role of professional coders , if everybody would start to conceive their own programs?
Is it pragmatic to push more people to code, instead teach them how to choose, to assess the characteristics of programs comparing to their own need, to use devices and software fully aware of the advantages and risks during this process?
Spreading ideas to create public opinion on educational trends for the future, without having the view of the big picture- I think this is a major issue when we intent to make major system changes...

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