Social network people: II. The Pets Lovers

"Ohhh, sooo cuuute! Look at that fur! What a pretty eyes! Can't stop smiling! So LOVELY! OMG It acts as smart as humans! "
LIKE! LIKE! LIKE! Just SHARE, you, heartless human! 

Yes, I am guilty too...
I don't have pets, but all my childhood I was friend with different furry beings, so I am a big fan of these posts.

Indeed, they are cute and sometimes they give you the only reasons to smile in some cloudy days of your life, wehter they are real or just virtual... So, IN MY OPINION HERE  there is no sin to LIKE, LIKE LIKE!

OK, but the remarks about the similarity between human behavior and theirs?... Are they really humanized? Or rather we, humans, we encounter sometimes other people that are  too alienated and act as ... not too humans... ? And the contrast that appeares gives more credits to the human traits of our beloved pets?

I hope not.

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