Social network people: I. Imaginary friends

First, you add one, thinking that maybe you know him or her ... then you add a handful of unknown people, because they seem interesting or funny... Then few dosens, few hundreds and maybe thousands... and you have that amazing, sweet, deezy feeling that finally, after many clicks, you are -at last! PO-PU-LAR!!! As popular as the most beloved artists of the world, or as the masters of sports!
Who knows if you will meet them ? Maybe you are near them in the bus, or in the elevator, or maybe they live across the street... Never mind, it is OK, eeeverybody does it! and the number of followers is very important - at least in the virtual world you have sooo many friends!
If a kid creates an imaginary friend and tries to convince you that he/she exists, you will have a bad feeling concerning the kid's mental health... but that friend disappears and you are reliefed.
But what about the virtual friends? How much time they will be parts of your life? Will they dissapear? How much time is too much when it is about this sort of friends? How many of them are too many? If you don't know them in person, are they more real than kid's imaginary friend?
Reality check... postponed!

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